College of Dentistry
Aim Of College Of Dentistry
The college of dentistry is considered one of the scientific establishments related to graduate a high quality dentist. These dentists serve the society in medical hospitals and dentistry centers. Besides, the students are professional to help and serve patients in the last two years in advanced dental clinics in our college.
Message In View
1-The dean of the college aspires to improve the curriculum of the college in convenience with development   of curriculum in the European universities.
2-The College cooperate with world's universities in different branches about the oral medicine and invitations when there is medical conferences during the studying years.
  3-There are efficient lecturers in our college covering all branches in dentistry .They are   with P.H.D and M.Sc professions, most of them graduated in UK and USA universities.
Aim Of College:
To  provide bachelor dentists in dental surgery.


1st Stage

2nd Stage

3rd Stage

4th Stage

5th Stage


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